July 27, 2016
Contact: Mike Trujillo


Barragán Neck and Neck With Hall in New CA-44 Poll

With 3.41% margin of error results show race at 38-34

SAN PEDRO – A new poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs, shows a virtually tied race between Nanette Barragán and Isadore Hall and illustrates a new political reality in the campaign for California’s 44th congressional district. When examining the choice of voters in the new general election electorate, without any new positive or negative information presented to voters, Hall actually performs worse than he did in the primary, losing two percentage points of support while Barragán shoots up twelve points from her finish in June.

The poll was conducted in English and Spanish on both land lines and cell phones, from 7/23-7/25 among 737 likely voters in the general election with a margin of error of 3.41%. The poll also showed a tie in the race for U.S. Senate with California Attorney General Kamala Harris receiving 38% of the vote and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez receiving 35%.

“This poll shows what we have long maintained: The more people know about Isadore Hall and his special interest politics as usual, the more turned off they become.  Nanette offers a fresh, thoughtful, new way of getting things done.  The dynamics in this race have shifted in a significant way and we have a lot of momentum.  We still have work to do, but the race is turning in our favor,” said Barragán campaign manager Michael Trujillo.


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