We’re excited to announce our first endorsement of 2016 – Nanette Barragan, issuing a bold primary challenge to Big Oil in California’s 44th Congressional district.

Last week during a critical vote on a fracking bill, state legislator Isadore Hall, III was sitting on the sidelines and chillin’ with his friends at Western States Petroleum Association as the vote count seemed to stall at 19 (it needed 21 for passage). He told them his voting strategy – he would abstain so as to not cast the deciding vote, but if two others voted for it he’d have to go along so as to not hurt his reputation with the greens. Fortunately for Hall’s entirely undeserved reputation, two others voted yes, so he cast vote no. 22. He’s the #2 recipient of oil money in the state legislature last year.  His biggest legislative achievement was trying, but not succeeding, to require porn actors to wear condoms in shooting their films in California. Now he’s running for Congress in south Los Angeles.

By sharp contrast, Nanette Barragan fights Big Oil. As mayor pro tem of Hermosa Beach, she stumped for “No On O” to keep oil exploration out of her city and off Los Angeles-area beaches, and won in a landslide. She’s been endorsed by Congressional climate hawks Ruben Gallego and Raul Grijalva as well as local green leaders like Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz. But don’t just take our word for it – read her eloquent words on why the Santa Barbara oil spill matters to Carson. She’s equally passionate about bringing good jobs to working class folk of her district.

Lots of green groups call for diversity. At Climate Hawks Vote, we act. Barragan is the 12th child of Mexican immigrants, a fact that matters in a district that is 70% Latino.

We’re endorsing early – the primary in this solidly Democratic district is nearly a year away – because the race needs time and attention. We want to help voters connect the dots between Big Oil-soaked politicians and their children’s asthma.


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