July 9, 2015

SAN PEDRO, CA – Last week, Nanette Barragán, congressional candidate in California’s 44th District, released her second quarter fundraising numbers. Since she announced her congressional campaign in April, she raised more than $160,000 – more than what her opponent, state Senator Isadore Hall III, raised in his first report. Hall reported raising $147,197 in his first finance report last quarter.

“I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the support that has been shown throughout the Los Angeles area,” said Barragán. “I’m running because I want to help the families in the district create a better future for themselves and their children. Voters need a representative who understands what they are going through. Whether it’s finding good jobs, earning a living wage or investing in education, I will be there to fight for the 44th District. My supporters have been tireless and I look forward to being able to serve them in Congress.”

Barragán has received endorsements from political leaders on both the local and national level, further emphasizing the broad support that her campaign has generated since its launch. A list of those supporters can be found here.

Barragán, the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, grew up in Carson and the surrounding areas where she attended Stephen M. White Middle School, learned to swim at Carson Pool, and studied at the Carson Library. She worked her way through UCLA and law school at USC before becoming a long-time advocate for the environment and the first elected Latina member of the Hermosa Beach City Council. She was also a leader in the fight against Measure O, a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill for oil in the Santa Monica Bay.

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