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November 10, 2015
Contact: Mike Trujillo

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California League of Conservation Voters Endorses Nanette Barragán in CA-44 Primary

SAN PEDRO, CA – The California League of Conservation Voters has officially endorsed Nanette Barragán in her Congressional primary. Barragán has had a long record of fighting for our environment, most recently as a leader in the fight against Measure O, a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill for oil in the Santa Monica Bay.

“The California League of Conservation Voters and the work they do is so vital to our community. I am honored to have the support of such an impactful organization,” said Barragán. “Environmental protection is not just about changes in energy technology or maintaining natural habitats. It’s about clean air for our children, new and sustainable jobs for their parents, and protecting our communities from increasingly dangerous weather disasters. We will not have a safe, healthy future for our families without making important changes to laws and regulations now.”

The California League of Conservation Voters’ mission is to protect and enhance the environment and the health of all California communities by electing environmental champions, advancing critical priorities, and holding policymakers accountable.

The CLCV gave the following statement on their endorsement: “Nanette’s record speaks for itself. She is a tireless advocate for the environment and the community she hopes to serve. Nanette knows the common sense steps we need to take in order to protect our planet and the people living on it for generations to come. She demonstrated incredible drive in her fight against Big Oil in the Santa Monica Bay, and we look forward to seeing that passion applied to similar issues in Congress.”

Barragán, the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, grew up in Carson and the surrounding areas where she attended Stephen M. White Middle School, learned to swim at Carson Pool, and studied at the Carson Library. She worked her way through UCLA and law school at USC before becoming a long-time advocate for the environment and the first elected Latina member of the Hermosa Beach City Council.

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