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March 17, 2016
Contact: Mike Trujillo


Progressive Democrats of America Endorse Nanette Barragán for Congress

SAN PEDRO, CA – Adding to an impressive list of progressive credentials, the Progressive Democrats of America have officially endorsed Nanette Barragán for Congress in California’s 44th Congressional district. The Progressive Democrats of America represent a coalition of activists and party leaders dedicated to rebuilding the Democratic Party into an apparatus controlled by citizens, rather than corporate interests.

“I have said from the beginning that this campaign will not be determined by corporate donors or Washington elites. It will be determined by the communities and activists I hope to represent,” said Barragán. “Our team is so proud to have received the endorsement of the Progressive Democrats of America, an organization that works tirelessly to empower communities to demand better from their politicians. I am committed to living up to those high standards in Congress.”

In just a couple of years, the Progressive Democrats of America and their allies have shaken up the political status-quo on issues from ending the Iraq war, voter rights, protecting Social Security, a full employment economy, national healthcare and economic justice. Their inside/outside strategy is guided by the belief that a lasting majority will require a revitalized Democratic Party built on firm progressive principles.

“Nanette Barragán’s record speaks for itself. She has already stood up to and defeated Big Oil and special corporate interests who did not have the greater good of her community at heart,” said Donna Smith, Executive Director, Progressive Democrats of America. “California’s 44th district needs a leader who is dedicated to promoting fair labor practices, fighting for a better education system, and protecting essential government programs, like Social Security, for generations to come. Nanette is the candidate who will get this done, and we look forward to watching her fight for her values in Congress.”

Barragán, the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, lives in San Pedro and grew up in Carson and the surrounding areas where she attended Stephen M. White Middle School, learned to swim at Carson Pool, and studied at the Carson Library. She worked her way through UCLA and law school at USC before becoming a long-time advocate for the environment and the first elected Latina member of the Hermosa Beach City Council. She was also a leader in the fight against Measure O, a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill for oil in the Santa Monica Bay. She currently works with one of Los Angeles’s largest and most prominent children’s advocacy organizations to provide free legal services to children in foster care who have special education needs.

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