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June 13, 2016
Contact: Mike Trujillo


Assemblymember Mike Gatto Endorses Nanette Barragán for Congress

 SAN PEDRO, CA – Coming off the California primary where she outperformed expectations by 400% and secured a place in the general election, Nanette Barragán builds on her momentum by adding the influential endorsement of California State Assemblymember Mike Gatto to her already strong coalition of support.

“There’s no rest when the future of our district is at stake. I am pleased to kick off this next phase of our campaign with the endorsement of Assemblymember Mike Gatto,” said Nanette Barragán, “Assemblymember Gatto is the gold standard in Sacramento for prioritizing good governance and people ahead of politics. I greatly admire his leadership on green jobs and clean water for all Californians. We need more champions like him in California.”

Assemblymember Gatto is a different type of public official. He is known for his substantive and innovative pieces of legislation to improve our quality of life. Assemblymember Gatto is also consistently ranked among the most independent and bipartisan members of the Legislature, which allows him to build the coalitions necessary to create real change for Californians. He has brought a strong work ethic to the Capitol, not missing a single vote in years, in perhaps the longest such streak in the nation.

On the endorsement, Assemblymember Gatto released the following statement:

“Nanette Barragán doesn’t back down. She’s a proven fighter with deeply held commitment to protecting the values of her community. I am proud to stand with her as she launches her general election campaign. I know that she is the best candidate for California’s 44th district, and I look forward to her quality leadership in Congress.”

Barragán, the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, lives in San Pedro and grew up in Carson and the surrounding areas where she attended Stephen M. White Junior High School, learned to swim at the Carson Pool, and studied at the Carson Library. She worked her way through UCLA and law school at USC before becoming a long-time advocate for the environment and the first elected Latina member of the Hermosa Beach City Council. She was also a leader in the fight against Measure O, a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill for oil in the Santa Monica Bay. She currently works with one of Los Angeles’s largest and most prominent children’s advocacy organizations to provide free legal services to children in foster care who have special education needs.

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