June 17, 2015

SAN PEDRO, CA – Today, BOLD PAC, the fundraising arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, unanimously endorsed Nanette Barragán for Congress in California’s 44th District. BOLD PAC supports Democratic Hispanic candidates in races around the country.

“I believe that increasing diversity in Congress and making sure that the Hispanic community, in particular, is represented in a way that reflects our growing population in this country is an important goal, so I am honored to have the endorsement of BOLD PAC,” said Barragán. “Right here at home, the 44th District is almost 70% Hispanic and as the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I know the challenges the community faces. This district needs a leader who understands the importance of jobs, healthcare and education for all of the working families who have chosen to raise their children here. I look forward to serving them in Congress.”

Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-CA 29), who was elected to chair BOLD PAC at the end of 2014, cited Barragán’s impressive personal story and strong ties to the district as the reasons the group went all in with their support, both politically and financially.

“Nanette’s story resonates with the members of this PAC and with so many other citizens in California and around the country,” said Cárdenas. “As the daughter of immigrants, nothing was handed to her. She has worked hard her entire life to put herself through school, obtain her law degree, and get elected to City Council. Despite her success, she has never forgotten why she got involved in public service: to give back to the people. She’s been a social justice advocate since day one and we know that she will bring that passion for others with her to Congress. We are looking forward to working with her for years to come.”

Barragán, the daughter of immigrants from Mexico, grew up in Carson and the surrounding areas where she attended Stephen M. White Middle School, learned to swim at Carson Pool, and studied at the Carson Library. She worked her way through UCLA and law school at USC before becoming a long-time advocate for the environment and the first elected Latina member of the Hermosa Beach City Council. She was also a leader in the fight against Measure O, a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill for oil in the Santa Monica Bay.

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