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August 17, 2015
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CA-44 Candidate Nanette Barragán Receives 2015 Sierra Club Political Leadership Award

SAN PEDRO, CA – Yesterday afternoon, the Sierra Club honored Nanette Barragán, Democratic candidate for Congress in CA-44, for her environmental protection efforts at their 2015 “This Land is Our Land” event, hosted at the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center. Barragán was introduced by former Chair of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters and Former Long Beach Sierra Club Chair, Mel Nutter.

“I am honored to receive this award and am thankful for grassroots activist and community members who continue to stand with me in the fight to protect our environment and the health of our community,” said Barragán. “The environmental issues we face are a public health crisis. It is unacceptable that children walk around with inhalers around their necks because of environmental polluters. Protecting our environment means guaranteeing a bright and healthy future for our children and our families. We must do all we can now to ensure that everyone can enjoy our sacred outdoor spaces for generations to come.”

Barragán’s environmental efforts first started over fifteen years ago working with Heal the Bay and the Natural Resources Defense Council when she served as the Executive Director of a family foundation. Most notably, Barragán was one of the leaders in the fight to defeat a ballot measure that would have allowed oil companies to drill in the Santa Monica Bay. Although the oil company invested over $2 million to ensure the measure would pass, grassroots community efforts led to a record-breaking voter turnout in Hermosa Beach to help reject the effort.

Most recently, in order to combat excessive pollution, she has championed efforts to ban plastic bags in Hermosa Beach.
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